30 September 2007

my computer

This has not been a good week...
I haven't been posting much in the last few days. Today I was going to take lots of pics but last night my computer didn't start. It started but didn't boot. I tried to repair/recover XP but it doesn't recognize my hard drive. Silly me for only having one! My computer was bought 5 months ago which means that is still within the warranty and I am buying a new hard drive for backup documents, pictures, whatever or maybe a dual boot.
In the next days, I will have the computer at work and a borrow computer where I can login in SL and organize my inventory.

I know what was wrong with my computer. The mother board collapsed. Now, I am waiting a new one which should arrive Thursday or Monday (since Friday is a holiday here). At least, I didn't loose any information that I had in my hard drive.

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