14 September 2007

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My friend Tuli Asturias has release new outfits: Anica and Jessica. Both of these gorgeous outfits are highly detailed, come in a lot of options and with a bonus.
In Anica you can choose between light or dark leggings, layered top, mesh top and bra. In the outfit you will find three different belts: pink, green, purple or red. Jessica comes in different color sets: blue, grey, mauve or tan. You can wear only the top, only the jacket or both.

Anica is an 80's punk/rock inspired outfit with a lot of mix and match options, Jessica is a feminine suit in 4 colors with 3 top options.

wearing: Perfect Image Glow | ETD Taylor - Fire | MM-Light SkinGloss-Base | {JUNK} Honshu Earring | /artilleri/ lulu bracelet - pink | Cake - 80's Pop Bracelet | (Bonita Popinjay) Deep Plum Double Wrap Bead Bracelet | (Bonita Popinjay) Deep Plum Wrapped Bead Necklace | Tekilah's - Phlat Ballet Flats Box(Dotty/Black Trim) | Maitreya Bloom Violet

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