28 September 2007

taxes in SL

Dear content creators of SL, I am sorry to say that I will reduce drastically my purchases in SL because I have to pay taxes for them!

Hello, Ana Lutetia.

We have identified that you reside in a European country. Accordingly, your next bill will reflect Value Added Tax (VAT) charged at the rate specified by your country. Please note that VAT applies to all payments to Linden Lab such as land sales, monthly maintenance fees and Premium subscription fees.
If you are eligible for a VAT exemption, you may submit proof of your exemption status, such as your VAT number, here:

If you have other questions, please read the VAT FAQ:

You can also contact us via the support portal:

Best regards, and thank you for your continuing support.

Linden Lab
Creators of Second Life

This means that LL will charge me 21% when I purchase Lindens...
Without taxes I would buy 7,974.892L$ and spent 21€. Now, when I spend 21€ I will receive 6,592.577 L$ because 3.64€ is tax that LL will have to give EU.

21 € = 7,974.892 L$ = 29.723 US$
17.36 € = 6,592.577 L$ = 24.571 US$
3.64 € = 1,382.315 L$ = 5.152 US$

BTW, the 21€ is a RL example. I bought something that cost me 21€ and paid 3.64€ in tax.
VAT is different around EU countries and ours is one of the highest.

Gwyneth Llewelyn explains it in SLOG.
Who wants to bet that in the next month (at least) half of the premium accounts will disappear...?

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LindeX will not have VAT applied. Nevertheless, me and my friends will have more expenses each month to pay for our sim.

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