14 September 2007

[review] Devilish Cupcake - Emma

Abby Coalcliff from Devilish Cupcake made a huge classy release: the Emma collection. You will find the adorable Emma's suit (blazer, pants and prim pants cuffs) in 4 colours (BlueberryPie, CollardGreens, Licorice and ChocolateChip) with sweaters and cami's to mix and match. The cute sweters come in 6 colours and in each colour there's two options: plain or with diamond. The adorable cami's are sold in a 7 colour pack.

Devilish Cupcake

wearing: Perfect Image Glow | ETD Tasha - Scarlet | (CS) Vogue Skin - Cashmere (Jade - Light) Freckled | Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet (Emerald) | (Shiny Things) Vintage Pumps, olive

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