15 September 2007

[review] Casa del Shai - Deepchild dress

The amazing Shai Delacroix from Casa del Shai released the perfect dress for the deep soulful house beats. The textures are amazing! This dress is also perfect for a beach party. It has a bikini in under layers and the shirt and skirt overall the bikini. There are five dresses to choose from: Black Gold, Moss, Violet, Taupe and Velvet Red. The color combinations are awesome.
I am wearing Black Gold and Moss.

Casa del Shai

The pics were taken in Seacliff castle.
wearing: Everglow Beauty Light | Awesome Designs Manicure Glitter Nails Black | ETD Luth - Crimson Faded | *Sin Skins* Romantic Obsidian Eyes | (DN) Vogue Skin - Amber (Last Call - Fishnet) | Bonita Popinjay - Black Marbled Double Wrap Bead Bracelet | p.c.; Black Pearl Set | Maitreya Bloom - Black

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