26 September 2007

[review] Cattiva

Lissa Maertens from Cattiva & Cattivo has moved to a new store and has made new clothes.
The All Business Foldover Suit comes in Navy and Ivory with two option for the jacket: short and long:
The Cattiva Foldover Business Suit is a new design by Lissa Maertens. A slight Asian influence is apparent in this suit as Lissa has tried to reverse the way the Western eye normally travels travels (i.e. left to right, top to bottom). The flow of this suit is opposite of that and the smooth curve of the jacket's edge leads the eye from the lapel to the waist where it continues through the dress pants. Lissa purposefully left this suit beltless so that the vertical flow would not be broken by a horizontal line. This also reverses the standard way that a suit for a woman is buttoned as well.
The Butterfly Kisses is a gown that comes in Lipstick, Sapphire and Amethyst with a top, a half jacket buttoned, leggings, two butterflies tattoos (solid and transluscent) and three prims for the skirt (main skirt, right and left leg).

You can also find casual clothes in her store like the Halter Tops and the Ripped Blues Hipsters. The Halter Tops come in 4 colours: blue, rose, green and lilac. The Ripped Blues Hipsters come in seven colours: Faded Blue, Indigo, Midnight, Olive, Standard Issue Blue, Sun Bleached and Wine.
The ever popular hipsters (Lissa's thong peeking low-rider jeans) and the highly detailed ripped blues lines have been blended into a sexy hybrid that we believe to be some of the highest detailed jeans in Second Life. The rip, texture and seams on the jeans comes from digital photos taken by Lissa herself and the wear and tear and folds are done by her hand as well in Photoshop. For the price, we also believe that you can't beat this deal. These jeans are hot and turn heads wherever you wear them!

Cattiva & Cattivo

wearing: ETD Ana - Auburn | (DN) Vogue Skin - Amber (Ether - Void) | Alienbear - Star Set (White) | TESLA - Gwyneth Black

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